Welcome to the 23Strands

Human Reproduction and Genomics Survey

Human Reproduction and Genomics Survey

Thank you for taking part in 23Strands' survey. Your feedback is extremely important to us and it will help us understand what you think about the challenges you may be experiencing in your fertility journey, and how 23Strands can help deliver a better understanding for people like you through whole genome sequencing.
1. Please tell us about your fertility journey
2. Select any of the following that applies to you?
3. Which statement best describes you?
4. What is your Gender?
5. Age

6. Full name

7. Email

8. Postcode

9. How much would you be prepared to pay for a genomics test that could tell:

  • why you might be having trouble becoming pregnant and why you might get future diseases?
  • tell which drugs could work best during your fertility journey
  • whether you may be carrying mutations that might lead to disease risks for your children?

10. Please share anything else you feel is important

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